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How Blockchain Has Transformed Digital Marketing and Advertising Field?

When we come across the term “blockchain”, we generally think about digital currency, crypto currency, bitcoin, etc. It shows our limited ideas on this technology. It is true that the term is associated with bitcoin and crypto currency. But, it is also crucial for the purpose of business network marketing. With blockchain based protocols, advertising field can be made more transparent. It is simpler to fetch and analyze data related to how online ads purchased, valued and delivered. In fact, it can also lead to accurate advertisement tracking. As a result, you shall be able to understand how your advertisement strategies are working. More stress can be given on working tactics and non-performing ads can be removed to save money.

Establishing Trust in Affiliate Programs

For a business, affiliate marketing is always a good thing. It helps the business to gain good exposure without making significant investment of time or money at initial stages. Advertisers would invest their time instead of you. They shall fetch potential buyers for your products and in exchange they make profits through commissions. To make affiliate program network trustworthy, blockchain has significant role to play. Having affiliate platform powered by NEO would help your business to build strong affiliate network and good relationship with network marketers.

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Eliminating Middleman

Blockchain has significantly removed middleman from business transactions. Due to elimination of middleman, hassles get reduced and at the same time money is saved. Middleman uses to take up hefty commissions in business transactions. With blockchain technologies, it can be omitted successfully.

Knowing the Target Audience in Better Way

Previously, it was difficult for network marketers to get information about the potential clients or customers for a business. Due to lack of knowledge about the target audience, it was quite difficult to understand their preferences as well as mindset. With NEO blockchain, it is easier to understand preferences and mindset of the potential customers or clients. As a result, network marketing has become more robust as well as productive.

Improved Transparency

The best thing about blockchain is that transactions remain transparent on this framework as it is not easy to edit transaction data. To remove or edit transaction data, you need to remove all other transactions that happened after that particular transaction. As a result, transparency is maintained. It is not easy to hack and modify data on blockchain. This is the reason why network marketing businesses are mostly benefitted through this framework.

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