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Introducing, The ULTRA PREMIUM Instagram Followers

When you have a business and you are promoting it on Instagram, one thing that people will notice first will be your Instagram likes and followers. If you claim that your business is the trend these days and your Instagram Followers total is just more than a couple hundred, then it doesn’t say much. You need something stronger.

With Wolf Global, you can now buy Instagram Followers. They have the regular plans or their starter packs. But they also have the Ultra Premium Plans that would be perfect to boost up your businesses’ Instagram Followers. This is 100% Ultra-Premium with retention guaranteed.

Wolf Global Flexible Plans

Boosting your Instagram Followers can definitely help your account. It is one way to attract new followers as well. If they see they you have these much followers, it is not hard to increase the number in a natural way.

buy Instagram Followers

1000 Followers. Receiving 100 followers is good enough, but when you can receive 1,000 Instagram Followers is way much better! For $14.99, this is a good deal for a starter pack if you are new to this service and would want to give it a try. There will be NO password required. The delivery will be done in 24 hours. This plan gives you a 30-day refill guarantee.

5000 Followers. This plan is for $49.99.  This is currently on sale, so you can save $25 when you choose this plan for your Instagram account. The followers will be delivered in 24 hours which also gives you a 30-day refill guarantee. There will be no password required and you will be given ultra high-quality followers. This plan has a Drip Feed Option.

10000 Followers. For $99.99, you will instantly get 10,000 Instagram Followers. Now that is one way to boost your account. It has a 24 hours delivery service with a 30-day refill guarantee and a Drip Feed option. No password required. Just provide your Instagram Username. This plan is on sale where you can save $50.

25000 Followers. If you want to receive this much followers, you should take advantage of this Wolf Global Ultra Premium Plan where it is is on sale and you can save $145. It will give you 25,000 Instagram Followers in just 48 hours for $229.99. Drip Feed is also available for this plan with a 30-day refill guarantee.

What is DRIP FEED?

Once you have chosen an Ultra Premium package, you can choose the DRIP FEED option at the checkout. Instead of receiving the number of followers in just one go, you can opt to have it delivered in a number of days or weeks to make it look more legit. This option is available in 5000, 10000, and 25000 Ultra Premium Plans.

Increase your Instagram Followers today for as much as 25000 followers in one go. This is the best option if you don’t want to wait for a long time for your followers to increase. These plans are perfect if you are promoting your Instagram account whether for personal reasons or for the benefit of your business. Why wait if you can have it in one go?

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