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What’s the Best Way to Increase YouTube Views?

One of the things that YouTube uses to determine which videos will appear at the top of the results is the number of video views it receives. Their computer algorithm, in addition to other things, ranks videos according to how popular they seem to it. Which is to a large extent true, at least until someone chooses to play their system.

It is often suggested in internet marketing circuits that you should buy real viewsfor your videofrom places like to generate popularity and increase your chances of getting more organic traffic.

But you have to keep in mind that YouTube is owned by Google and they know this type of manipulation. This means that even if the video responds to this type of inactivity, there is no guarantee that this will happen in the future. There are some sites online to buy youtube views easilyin which marketing heaven is at top. In fact, there are many indications that artificially increasing views on your videos is an accident waiting for this to happen.

Instead, you need to take steps to make your videos look real people.

  1. Send a message to your list

If you have a list of some types (and if you think you are an internet marketer, you should have!) Then send a quick email when adding a new video.

It can get initial feedback on your video and it will be completely natural: the types of campaigns are going on all the time.

  1. Encourage people to subscribe to your channel

YouTube has a combined mechanism allowing users to subscribe to their channels.

It’s in their interest – People know when you post a new video, people go back to YouTube to watch it, everyone wins.

Even a small list near the end of the description of your video may invite people to do so.

  1. Place it on Facebook

It’s easy to put videos on your Facebook wall and people can watch them directly on Facebook or they can click to see them on YouTube if they wish.

He has many things to his advantage:

YouTube has provided additional websites that show your video – another factor in their popularity

It opens your video to a wider audience – simple, many Facebook users. And many of them want to watch a video even if they were not originally decided

  1. Tweet about it

Twitter can be a great way to send your message to a wider audience.

Of course, it depends on how many subscribers you have, but with the mix of well-presented videos and the acceptable use of these amazing hashtags, you can quickly get more message. no one.

  1. Add it to your LinkedIn profile

Many people have forgotten this option, but there is space in your LinkedIn profile to include videos.

Like Facebook, LinkedIn users can watch to watch a video, but they will still see it.

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