Automated Software Testing – Pros and Cons

Software testing is becoming more automated, with a number of products available today for automated software testing. So, application testing company is offering a lot of services. So, it is important to understand the pros and cons of automated testing.

The Benefits of Automated Software Testing

  • Defective counts are automatically counted through more automated software testing.
  • Failure reports are standard on automated software testing tools. And signaling defect is standardized; there is no change due to personal opinion about the fact that something is a defect information or in determining its severity.
  • Test data for each test can be saved as test scripts and test plans.
  • Once the test is created, it does not cost much to run or re-run.
  • Testing software machines can run at night or on weekends, without increasing labor costs with overtime.
  • Failure conditions in software tests are known or recorded at least.
  • Human error when the next software test procedures are substantially eliminated as a cause of errors generated.
  • You can outsource software testing by sending automated test scripts to another person to run on your hardware with the software installed.
  • Metrics for software testing, such as the percentage of test plan done so far, or the number of test cases is tracked automatically by the software testing instrument.
  • Automated software testing allows engineers to perform automated test scripts, instead of sending quality software engineers to get the job done.
  • Automatic test allows quick checking of software on a computer as the hardware modules are located. has several options for different platforms and OS.

The Disadvantages of Automated Software Testing

  • Automated software testing requires test engineers to learn how to use automated testing tools in addition to the application itself.
  • The development of automated software testing can take a long time. It may not be economically viable for small software applications and rarely used.
  • While recording a series of operations for the future of software testing, the tester must follow all the steps to perfection and the clues have to be errors.
  • During the creation of test scripts for regression testing with playback and recording requires a fully functional software application. Automated testing does not work well with the beta very soon, which makes significant errors and requires design changes to improve readability and ease of use.
  • Automated test scripts must be managed by the Configuration Manager software along with test plans, test documentation, and software requirements. Configuration Manager should ensure that the test script is followed correctly and that the new automated test using test scripts in which it was approved.
  • Alert users of information to recognize problems can not be recorded for automated testing as a problem. On the contrary, problems caused by related software applications such as Java or pop-up blocking can be reported as defects when they are caused by software errors.
  • Proof of automated software will normally be set to wait for a transaction or process to be completed within a certain period of time. A human would have noticed that the progress bar is almost finished and wait another 30 seconds. The automated test logs that step as a failure.
  • When using automated software testing, it is important to make sure that everyone is using the same version of software testing and scripting tests. This is a task often overlooked by configuration management.


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