Smart lens heath benefits for diabetes patients

Many in this world are using lens, some for the fashion and some for their power management. The usage of lens may differ from everyone, but the technology adopts a sound towards the future, where this smart lens are going to bring change in the diabetes patients, the diabetes is the hectic disease which follows until the person death. The sugar level in the body gets increase and decrease according to the daily life style, many of them are taking medication for that, and some go for the insulin injections and more on.

The disease may restrict human to consume several things which are sweet in taste many think if diabetes attack we have to drop reducing the sugar consumption, but we have to reduce more vegetable and fruits also. The veggies, which grow under the ground are horrible and contains some natural sugar in that so it should be avoided, the fruits like orange, apple and many has natural sweeter in that, so they have to avoid that too. So think how they feel they get hurt at some time and now there comes regular sugar monitor device, which they have to prick their finger and test with their drop of blood to check the blood glucose level. But the technology shows that human tears have the capacity to find the sugar level in the body, so that with the help of tears one can measure the sugar level.

Smart lens heath benefits for diabetes patients

The lens has been made to collect the tears and check the sugar level. This lens will check for every two minutes of time it has certain process to be employed to collect the record. There are two rings are in the lens with one followed by one. The tears are collected in the middle of them. The chip and sensor are attached by joining the two circles, the sensor will sense and the chip helps to record the data. The lens when placed designed with small led to indicate the user if they posses to have high sugar level, so that it will be helpful for them to manage.

And many of them not having the habit of chalking checking blood glucose level often even the diabetes patients; this will be helpful of them more easily without any trouble. Even they can wear this for the whole day. Now the technology is adopt to bring this towards the mobile phone, so that the data is sent to the mobile phone of the user and they have separate application to maintain that. Even if it attached to the doctor with whom they are taking the treatment and it will more helpful for them to guide.

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