Cloud technology and its usage

The cloud is the technology to be accessed for the many needs of today IT industry they provide services like software, database, storage, networking and more on. The cloud is the major trend to be evolved in the recent trend. The cloud feature may vary for the usage of the customers, some need the security to be provided, some need the storage space, it is simply providing the space for the user to use some technology as much as they need and pay how much they used.

Consider a company, if they have huge data to be stored now, it goes on increasing of the every year, they need those data to be more secure and to be fit to their cost, cloud will help them to secure the data, they are charged for the usage of data, even if they buy servers they have to spend some money to place it and to maintain it without any faults, but now the need only few space, the full server space are not going to be occupied by them, if they get cloud help they will provide service of storing space for the data they has, so they no need to buy the server and to spend money on maintaining it.

Cloud technology and its usage

There are three types of services are provided by the cloud, some are

Software as a service (SaaS)

This software as a service act as proving the software to use over the internet. Consider a small organization who needs more software, initially they have less money to buy those software they need to use those software for only few months, after that they will not use that, if they buy the software definitely they will lose their money, in order to avoid that using cloud service will be helpful for them. The cloud will maintain the software products, so that the organization can use it; they have to pay only in the mode of subscription basis.

Platform as a service (PaaS)

In this platform as a service refers to cloud service that act as an environment for developing, testing and running all in a single platform, the platform provides more space and more application software to run on it.


Infrastructure as a service (IaaS)

This infrastructure may include both the saas and paas. The cloud provides the whole infrastructure as a service to the user. It involves server, machines, storage medium the IT infrastructure is provided here.

All this work under pay as you go basis, the services are provided over the internet.

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