Google glass – Technology of glass

Google glass is a wearable technology, where it has special features attached to it other than the ordinary glasses, it had the features of smart phone, it reduces the usage of smart phone, it work on the basis of the commands. It has some round shaped finger like place inside of the glass, which shows you the technical things to be carried over with the easiest way.

The Google has still undergone testing on this product. This is more useful for the people who often take mobile often in the hand. Here you can use it for various purpose, you can use this with the various mobile phone of your choice, it suits for every phone, it had the same features of the android phone, the phone helps to search over the internet and help to know various things with in the single click but this smart glass helps you more faster than that one. The glass take command of the user, if the user said to take photo it goes on for the photo mode and take a photo, which the photo is clearer like the HD one. If you want to take photos in phone  you have take a phone, unlock it and then you have go for the applications and choose the camera and set the mode all you have a lengthy process when compared to the glass.

Google glass - Technology of glass

It has the micro speaker which records your command and takes step towards the process. It has the same feature of the android phone, it has capacity to absorb the user head movement and understand the language, for example to open, if the user tilts the head the glass recognizes and give the user the page. If you are in travel and if you need the map then if you give command to map, then it will give you the exact location where you are and where you have to move to destination and what are the ways are there to reach the destination place.

IF you are going for a new place where you don’t know how to communicate it gives you instant display if you give command, it works solely on the command basis, there you can convert the currency what the exactly in that nation. The language converter will help you to manage easily even the other will not know you are getting help from the glass. If you want to take a video, it takes the video and if you stay stop then it will stop recording, other will not know that you are taking the video. It will be helpful in many ways in reserving train tickets, in booking shows and many more. Even if you have a habit of often watching the time in watches, if you command as watch it will show you the time. This is not unfortunate thing but the time consumption of using the phone will get reduced, as it words faster than that.

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