The 2017 Web Design Trends

When you have a website, the classic look is okay, but making a few improvements to make it look more like “in the now,” is the typical wise move of most businesses. Websites that are more trendy easy to use is very attractive to most users. This is why a website design company would work double time to know what the trends are when it comes to web designs.

 As a business owner, you should also be aware of what makes people come back for more. Remember that a website that can catch a viewer’s attention will probably have more visitors than its competitors. So why not take the next step closer to your online marketing strategy success?

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This Year’s Most Popular Web Designs.

2017 is still far from over but with the rapid rise in technology, everything is changing constantly. Even web design trends have changed quickly. So, here are the top web design trends as of 2017.

  • The AI of today. Artificial intelligence sounds unreal when you talk about it a few decades ago. But now, artificial intelligence is already being used worldwide. You might now be aware of it but it can be that you are already using it. The powering voice assistants like Google Home and Apple’s Siri are good examples of today’s artificial intelligence. Who would have thought that asking your phone to find something for you without using your fingers, would ever be possible?
  • Visuals to text. UX was originally focused on the visual designs. But with the rise of conversational UI’s, more apps are focused on text. Amazon’s Alexa, Facebook Messenger, or Telegram. These are just a few of the of what web designers are aiming for, WORDS.
  • The CSS in Javascript. Now, you are already able to style your document directly through Javascript. However, with this innovation, it has gained a lot of critics that are still questioning this change in Javascript.
  • The Prototyping Tools. Prototyping websites or apps are currently making web designers busy. The change of prototyping tools over the years is truly a good news for web designers.
  • The Android Reigns. This is one of the main focus in web designing. Any website or application should be android friendly. Mainly because of the reason that most people are at ease with using their mobile devices rather than their computers and laptops.

Each year, new trends in web design are emerging in the web design industry. Your web designer should not only know what your business needs for it to be successful in reaching out to potential customers but should also be well-versed with the trends of the industry these days. You should know how to connect your website with your customers. It should be optimized for search engines, as well as with mobile devices that most people use today. How your website is designed will greatly affect the success of your business. Your website should showcase what your business can offer, and should be suitable for your targeted audience. Remember that technology is evolving fast, your website should evolve too.

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