Android is a smart phone operating system, and this device is used by many mobile manufacturing companies. At first the android operating system is launched in 2008, later with further modifications came to light in the year 2010. Later, many versions are implemented with lots of improvement.

Each version is coming with little variations and does not work with older versions of operating systems. Android can be used by any mobile phone manufacturer for free of cost because it is an open source operating system. Since, it is very user friendly, most of the smart phones have an Android version. This is also one reason why kids use smart phones at a very young age. Many parents can calm their kids by handing them smart phone whenever they start crying or away in public. Obviously, this is a great idea. This makes the child to calm down in any places.

There are many types of android devices came into an existence. Likewise, iPhone is commonly used by many people nowadays. There are many threats and cybercrimes occurred in these days as technology gets improved a lot. To help in that situation the wonderful software created to help them in order to flee away from those threatening activities is iphone monitoring which is commonly known as iPhone spy. People from all over the world are using this software tracking to keep an eye on the online activities of their kids. While some are using this tool to see what is happening within the organization. The spy apps for the iPhone allow the users to monitor all activities which are doing by the targeted user. Parents are using this tool in order to protect their kids from some crime activities which are associated with an online activity. Let us look deep into what is meant by spy software in android phone

Spying on android smart phone

Spying is the process which helps android devices from sending secret messages or calls and further helps to track someone’s location. Spy phone app or mobile tracker provides complete parental control for under age children. It can also be used in offices to keep an eye on employees, recovering removed data or tracing stolen smart phone. Individual can secretly track all details like call logs, messages, browsing activity or GPS location. It is also suitable to keep an eye on social networking websites. But, this spy app works for free only with android 2.3 and above versions.

There are many advanced apps available now days allowing users with spyware programs. It unveils outstanding updates about necessary activities and information about children is involved.

Technology is improved so much that it allows spy on cell phone without having access to the phone. All it takes connect to the smart phone which you want to spy with the help of internet by following few simple steps. With this inexpensive cell phone spy app, person can track GPS location; can see text messages, hear their calls all without ownership of the phone. Spy apps allows to spy on any smart phone by unknowingly accessing data from the mobile which you are willing to track.


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